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Ford Emphasizing on Performance Vehicles

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What will the future of Ford look like? Fast.


Ford Motor Company executives recently spent a day with journalists and shareholders explaining how the manufacturer will avoid “disruption” and continue to grow amidst a changing automotive landscape ever more populated by self-driving cars. The bulk of their strategy involves a plan to make investments in emerging businesses while boosting the automaker’s four existing “profit pillars” to maximize returns to shareholders over time.


The most obvious of Ford’s profit pillars are trucks and SUVs. Less obvious, however, is its commitment to performance vehicles. CEO Mark Fields says that the company is going to make a big high-performance push over the next few years.


Currently, Ford’s roster of performance vehicles includes the Mustang (of course), the F-150 Raptor, the ST versions of the Focus and the Fiesta, the new Focus RS and the exclusive Ford GT.


“Performance is a great business for us,” Fields told reporters. “It grows the bottom line in terms of profitability. It builds our brand. It drives excitement. And it creates these brand advocates around the world, which are fantastic. This is a very important part of our business.”


Most of Ford’s performance vehicles are well-optioned, more expensive versions of mainstream Ford models, with the notable exception of the purpose-built GT. They might cost more, but they don’t cost a lot for Ford to develop and produce. That means they have large profit margins, which is a recipe for success for the automaker whose sales of performance vehicles are on an upward trend.


“To put it into perspective, this year alone we will probably sell over 200,000 performance vehicles [around the world],” Fields said. “That’s more than double three years ago.”


It’s only natural that Ford will continue its tradition of developing new performance vehicles, but executives are keeping relatively quiet on the company’s specific plans moving forward. However, they are promising that Ford will introduce 12 new performance cars by 2020. We’re betting that some of those will be things we’ve seen before (like a new high-performance version of the Mustang, perhaps) but others will be variations on existing models–maybe a new Fusion Sport is in the works?


Ford still has some tricks up its sleeve though. The company’s purchasing chief, Hau Thai-Tang, a senior-level engineer, said that Ford would focus some of its efforts on electric vehicles.


“Commercial vehicles, trucks, utilities and performance, these are sectors where we have iconic nameplate brands, tremendous favorable opinion and more pricing power,” he said. “It’s also going to allow our product development and marketing team to take a different approach in terms of how we go to market and start to showcase the full benefits of electrification beyond just fuel efficiency.”


We’re eager to see what’s in store for the next chapter of Ford’s legacy. Secure your place in the future of the company by becoming a Ford owner today. Pilson Auto can help you find the perfect vehicle to suit all your needs.