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Fiat is Restructuring its Prices to Offer Big Savings in 2017


If you’ve been considering scooping up a new 2017 Fiat, listen up because we have some new information for you that might help tip the scales. Fiat will introduce a new pricing structure in the US next year which will cut the sticker prices of some of its models up to $5,205. The new structure means that Fiat’s cheapest model will have a sticker price under $15,000.

A document circulated to Fiat dealers earlier this month shows the price of the base-level Fiat 500 Pop minicar dropping significantly from $16,995 to $14,995. (That price excludes the current $995 shipping fee but, still, that’s a big change!) The document goes on to explain that future Fiat showrooms will have far fewer trim levels across their four-car lineups and fewer places where prices for similar cars overlap each other.

We first got wind of these new changes in March when Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger car brands for Fiat Chrysler, met with North American Fiat dealers for a special Detroit gathering. Though Kuniskis didn’t reveal any details, he did drop some heavy hints.

Now Kuniskis offers more insight into the pricing structure shift, explaining that the 500L and 500X were “tripping over each other” in terms of pricing and content. It seems that the move was largely motivated by a desire to streamline Fiat’s offerings overall–the reduced trim walk for 2017 will allow dealers to reduce the complexity of their inventory.

“The cannibalization between [the 500L and the 500X] is very evident,” Kuniskis told Automotive News. “We’re not getting any new people in, and all we’re doing is flip-flopping them between these cars.”

“It will just be a lot easier for a guy to stock [the trim line], sell it and understand it, frankly,” Kuniskis said.

The new pricing structure means some pretty considerable changes for Fiat, but it’s just the final piece of the automaker’s strategy to boost sales. Earlier this year, Kuniskis told dealers they could: consolidate operations under a single dealer code, allowing them to avoid duplicate vendor contracts and share advertising costs; apply Fiat sales toward monthly sales goals and incentives; receive direct payments each month in the form of rent assistance if they continued to operate Fiat franchises as stand-alone dealerships; and receive additional incentives to sell Fiat vehicles, such as lucrative stair-step incentives.

All of that means big savings and big boosts in service for customers like you. If you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable, and–above all–fun vehicle then look no further than Fiat’s 2017 model lineup. Come check out the newest options at Pilson Auto today. Our financing specialists can help make sure you get the most car for your dollar.