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Fasten Your Seat Belts for the Dodge Demon

You’ve probably heard that Dodge is resurrecting one of its most beloved, sought-after vehicles: the Dodge Demon. The initial announcement was made on January 12 of this year, but Dodge has been rolling out mini announcements with more details on the revival ever since.

Leading up to the reveal of the new Demon at the 2017 New York Auto Show in April, Dodge will release fifteen teaser videos, each with a breadcrumb of information about the hotly-anticipated vehicle. So far, seven videos have been released.

Among the exciting updates to the new Dodge model are: a higher stall speed torque converter, huge new Nitto tires, a supersized supercharger and massive large air intake, and a lightened up body. To help ensure the Dodge Demon can adequately tear up the road, Dodge has worked diligently to make sure the new vehicle comes in at 200 pounds less than the Challenger SRT Hellcat.

The new Demon seems explicitly designed for the driver who secretly wants to be a drag racer. (There are no illusions here–the Demon will come with a “Drag Mode.”) To accommodate those aspirations, the vehicle will be outfitted with four huge 315mm-wide Nitto NT05R tires. With their 12.6-inch wide drag radials and barely-street-legal status, the Nitto tires will offer a 15 percent bigger tire contact patch with twice as much grip on the road as the Hellcat.

Combined with the Demon’s 3.09 rear axle ratio, the vehicle is more than able to handle an absurd amount of torque. That’s why Dodge is installing a higher stall speed torque converter into the new vehicle, changing its mechanical engine torque into hydraulic pressure which is then amplified, shot over to the vehicle’s automatic transmission and injected like fire into the Demon’s rear wheels. The process gives the Demon an 18 percent increase in converter and rear axle torque and a 35 percent higher launch force than the Hellcat.

We think it’s sufficient to say that people will feel and hear you coming before they even see you.

If you’re not excited yet then maybe this will do the trick: the Demon will also come with a personalized Demon crate filled with 18 direct connection performance parts, track tools, spare wheels, and a Demon Track Pack system. Whether you’re headed for the street or the drag strip, this most fiery of Dodge models will be game for it all.

Eager to burn up the road? You may still have a while to wait before the new Dodge Demon hits dealerships, but you can get other fast and furious models at Pilson Auto. With its incredible power, speed and ultra-high performance abilities, the Hellcat might just be the perfect fit for you.